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Baseball Tournament & Home Run Derby

October 29th-30th, 2022
2022 Who's Coming

Prodigy Mudcats- Parkville, MO

KC Angels - KC, MO

Victory- Independence, MO

MacNSeitz Woehrle - KC, MO

Bldg. Champ. Baldwin - KC, MO

Boo Crew - Olathe, KS

SOAR Schaal- Liberty, MO

Velocity Acad. Navy- Belton, MO

KC Gators- Kansas City, MO

MacNSeitz Garnett- KC, MO

Missouri Savages- KC, MO

Patriots- Liberty, MO

Tournament Rules: ** All games will be played per USSSA, with the following exceptions:
  • If the game is tied at the end of regulation, extra innings will be played, with each batter starting with a 1-1 count and a runner starting on 2nd base each inning, until the game is won.
  • USSSA Pitching Rules in effect: (3) inning max to pitch next day, (6) inning max on any one day, and (8) innings max for the tourney.
Pool Tiebreakers:
1) Team with the highest placing Derby contestant
2) Head to Head

3) Run Differential
4) Fewest Runs Allowed


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